Michael Andretti looks to stay on track in “Celebrity Apprentice”


In his racing career, Andretti Autosport team owner Michael Andretti had some pretty fierce battles on the track against some of the best drivers to ever strap on a helmet.

Starting tonight, we get to see him face another tough challenge: Surviving in the boardroom with Donald Trump.

Tonight marks the season premiere of NBC’s reality competition “The Celebrity Apprentice,” where 18 stars from sports and entertainment will compete to earn a $250,000 donation for their favorite charity. Michael is competing to support Racing for Cancer.

Filming is now complete and Andretti had plenty to say about the experience — short of who actually won, of course — in Friday’s Morning Call (Allentown, Pa.). While chances are he knows who earned the top prize, the rest of us will have to watch the saga unfold.

The first episode is tonight at 9 p.m. ET.