It’s been a while…Hasn’t it?

Today is race morning in Indianapolis. To the left of me, the sun is rising, trying to rise above the cloud cover. Rain may be involved in the forecast, but hopefully that will hold off until after we're done here today at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

As you've probably surmised, I'd been rather busy lately with MotorSportsTalk and NBC work and have had to neglect Indy Racing Revolution – as I promised I wouldn't just a few months ago. For that, I'm sorry. I truly wish there was a way to clone myself so I could do twice as much without being exhausted.

Indeed, at the end of days, I feel as if I really do need to unplug and chill out. That's a great feeling, because that means you've been very busy working hard. Unfortunately for IRR, that means it's tended to get the short end.

I'll have to figure out a proper future for this site. Again, I see an endpoint. Not now, but one day.

In the meantime, I ask that you keep supporting MotorSportsTalk on and that I'll try to make sure fresh content comes in more often here at IRR. I can't say there will be a true schedule for the latter, but I know I've neglected my work here in recent weeks and that I need to do better by this blog. It's what got me to the dance.

Enjoy today's racing from Monaco, Indy and Charlotte. This is our day, race fans. Let's have fun.

– Chris Estrada