Cleaning House in the NFL

Bye, Bye Browns

The Cleveland Browns are in the market for a head coach, having relieved Freddie Kitchens of his duties, and it sure looks as if they’re looking for someone with a bit more experience.

Kitchens had no prior head coaching experience, and looked the part, with the team looking inconsistent with each passing week, and also undisciplined throughout the season. As a result, he was a one-and-done, not even lasting a full calendar year.

It appears as if the Browns are targeting a big-name, veteran who can regain control of this roster, and also get the most out of the talent on it. Mike McCarthy’s name has been mentioned, as has Josh McDaniels’. Speaking of, a report from Mary Kay Cabot of states that McDaniels would be “eager” to work with Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield. It reads:

Josh McDaniels loved Baker Mayfield coming out of Oklahoma in 2018, and would be eager to work with him in Cleveland, 

The report also adds that “it would be hard for him to say no” to McDaniels’ hometown Browns.

McDaniels does appear to be near the top of the Browns’ list as well as a number of growing Sportsbook App lists, but it will be interesting to see if the organization looks to give him total control of the roster, as Bill Belichick has in New England. Furthermore, it’s possible that McDaniels could be the heir apparent to Belichick, and he may not want to give that up.

Redskins Housekeeping

Redskins owner Dan Snyder finally listened to the fans and critics in firing team president Bruce Allen, following one of the worst seasons in franchise history, and it’s a sign of change in the front office.

It’s still unclear if Snyder can refrain from meddling in the personnel decisions made by the front office, but he wants to give off the message that he at least wants to do so.

He began new head coach Ron Rivera’s introductory press conference with an ominous statement that forecasts change in the future.

“Good afternoon,” Snyder began. “First off, happy Thanksgiving everybody. Today is the beginning of a great new year for the Redskins organization.”

Snyder is saying all the right things, but it will be interesting to see who he brings in to fill the general manager position, and if he can truly keep his hands off the business decisions.

Rivers Runs Through It

Philip Rivers is now 38 years old, and didn’t put up the impressive numbers we’re used to seeing from him this season, but the Chargers general manager still views him highly.

Rivers just finished playing out the final year on his contract, and if the team doesn’t offer him a new deal, he’d be able to test the market in free agency.

In looking at Rivers’ body language this season, and what he’s said in speaking to the media, it sure looks like his days with the Chargers organization are over, and that he’ll be playing elsewhere, should he choose to.

But if you ask Chargers general manager Tom Telesco, Rivers can still play a high level.

“He can still compete at a top-starter level,” Telesco said, according to Daniel Popper of The Athletic.

Telesco also went on to say that figuring out Rivers’ contract situation is at the top of the team’s list before the league year begins on March 18.

“More than likely, yeah. There’s no doubt,”

Of course he’s going to say that, as he doesn’t want to tip his hand, but the team is likely also looking to do right by Rivers, rather than lowering his value on the open market.

Crying Giants

Someone had to fall on the sword for the Giants’ consecutive losing seasons, and that person was head coach Pat Shurmur, who was fired following the team’s Week 17 loss to the Eagles.

That move essentially bought general manager Dave Gettleman at least another year at the helm, despite all the swing-and-misses he’s had in building the roster.

Gettleman himself even admitted he set the Giants franchise back years in an appearance on ESPN’s “The Michael Kay Show” this week, stating that he tried to rebuild and win at the same time.

“This is where I’m culpable, OK?” Gettleman said, as transcribed by the New York Daily News. “I came into it, and I thought that we could do both at the same time. And I was wrong … I made a miscalculation. I’m being very upfront about it. I thought we could do both at the same time. And it didn’t work out that way.”

It’s interesting that the Mara family allowed Gettleman to use this as an excuse for his unproductive tenure. If anything, Gettleman showed he’s not the guy to run the team going forward, as he should know that it’s impossible to win and rebuild simultaneously. He’ll likely be on the hot seat this season, though, with pressure on the team to begin winning.

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