The BAT soars

The BAT project is the fifth contender in the 2012 IndyCar chassis fight. Photo: BAT Engineering/

The fifth challenger in the battle over who will create the 2012 IZOD IndyCar Series chassis has released its concept. BAT Engineering, a group headed by top open-wheel car designers Bruce Ashmore and Alan Mertens and veteran engineer Tim Wardrop, now join Dallara, Delta Wing, Lola and Swift in the fight.

The BAT press release proclaimed that the machine will give “the strength and structure to allow the drivers to race hard and go wheel to wheel without ending their race early.”

“This close racing and the durability of the car design will add to the on-track spectacle and competitive format with more entries making the dash to the checkered flag.”

Also trumpeted in the release are BAT’s usage of Computer Aided Design and Computational Fluid Dynamics to develop the car’s look and aerodynamics, its colloborational meetings with the respected Dr. Terry Trammell and the IRL’s safety/technical team, and the plan to have the car built in a 30-mile radius around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It also disclosed that more details on the concept about its strength, protected wheels, and aerodynamics will be coming soon.

You can check out BAT’s website/blog for the full release.